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About 3D Driving School

Our mission is to help New Jersey student drivers be safe behind the wheel

Meet the Owner
3D Driving School is owned by Mike Rennie.

Before I became an instructor, I taught all 3 of my teens how to drive. I understand how scary this can be - I didn't have a brake on the passenger side! While training my kids as a parent the task seemed frightening.

Then, an odd thing happened. I was strangely calm and the inner teacher in me emerged. As a result the experience was a pleasant one, and I enjoyed being able to share this moment with my kids. There was no stress during instruction and I realized that I may be good at teaching driving.

My philosophy is to treat each new teen driver as if they were my own. The experience should not be made stressful - there is enough stress in the world and learning to drive, while a huge responsibility, should also be a fun experience. With the right instructor, it can be.

I currently live in Sparta with my wife Karin, a 5th grade teacher at Helen Morgan School. We have three daughters (3D!) Emma, Jamie and Jessica.

Let's learn to drive together!


Meet Tom
Tom Hugaboom

I have been in the culinary field since graduating Sussex Tech in 2001. I have worked in private restaurants and bakeries as well as commercial processing facilities. For the past six years I have been a Business Development Manager with an international food broker, covering the NY Metro market area.

Outside of my daytime job I was also an Uber driver for the past three years, mainly driving the party crowds around on Friday and Saturday nights. I offered a service of getting customer home safely after a fun night out, and that is something I took great pride in. I went as far as setting my car up as mobile karaoke experience and my passengers LOVED IT! I have always lived by the philosophy, you only get out what you put in, and to always take pride in your work.

tom copy.png

Mike Rennie asked me to work with him as a driving instructor and I jumped at the chance to learn something new. I have been working with Mike for over a year now and have had the privilege and honor to train dozens of young students already. I love the interaction and time spent with each student, as each day is new and exciting for both of us!

I live in Sparta with my wife Jenn. We started a family toy drive in 2016 for children battling cancer through the Tomorrows Children’s Fund at Hackensack University Hospital. I have been able to use my platform as Santa during the holidays to not only bring the magic and joy of Christmas to local families, but to help grow our toy drive every year. It is so rewarding when we unload a van full of toys knowing that they are going to these little warriors, and will help brighten their day!


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